Our Community Heroes

What is the Our Community Heroes Program?

Our Community Heroes Program is a real estate rebate program to say THANK YOU to those who Protect, Serve and Care for our Community!  Work with a qualified Realtor and receive your rebate after closing.  The rebate is based on the price of home you are buying, selling or both.  You will be able to receive up to $5975* whether you are moving across the street or across the country.  Not only can you receive a rebate after closing we have discounted services saving you hundreds of dollars for Lenders, Title, Home Inspection, Home Warranty, etc.

Who is eligible?  

Law Enforcement – Active or Retired State Troopers, Police Officers, County Sheriff, Prison Guards, Border Patrol.

Firefighters – Active and Retired including Volunteers.

Healthcare and First Responders – Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, EMTs, Home Healthcare, and Dispatchers.

Teachers and Educators

How it works

Buying or selling a home using Our Community Heroes Program is simple. Just complete our contact form to the right and within 24 hours a member of our Support Team will contact you via email to introduce you to your qualified Realtor, lending institutions and caring network members to help you achieve your mortgage goals and to assist you from start to finish in all of your real estate needs.

We are highly trained in working with our special clients that work in a highly stressful career. We understand the complexities of the responsibilities our clients bear, the sacrifices they make for us, and the feelings that come along with it.

We will do all of the work for you and save you thousands in real estate home discounts and rebate program! There are no lengthy forms to fill out, no need to search for many different service providers and NO FEES to you at all.


$250 Lender Credit

Reduced Title Fees

Best Rate HomeOwners Insurance

Discounted Home Warranty

Discounted Home Inspection

*Rebate not available in all areas by law.

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